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Stinging Nettle Infusion

Come into Curated to grab some Smoke Camp Crafts stinging nettles or other herbs for you New Years you! We have a great mix of nettles, catnip, mint and many other great choices for turning a new leaf in the New Year..

What to do with stinging nettles you ask?

How about make an infusion or a tea. An infusion is going to be much more nutritious and have some serious healing powers for your kidneys. How do you make a Stinging Nettle infusion?

Easy Stinging Nettle Infusion Recipe:  1) Come into Curated and grab some Stinging Nettles and large herb steep ball both in our tea section... 2) Fill your giant herb steep of dried nettle and drop into mason jar. 3) Add boiling water to jar near to the top of jar and close lid to trap steam. (this is a big deal you want your steam to stay in) 4) Come back to your jar sometime between 4 and 12 hours later... 5) pull out herb steep and close up jar and store in refrigerator and enjoy..  This tea will keep for about 72 hours so make only what you plan to drink.. if you can't drink it all it makes a great replacement for your day to day shampoo and your going to love it...

Stinging Nettles to love...



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